ADempiere History


Our History is divided into three important milestones:


1. Our Predecessor

Jorg Janke, who was at the time an enterprise architect for ADV / ORGA advised SAP, while working on a consulting project for them, which architecture should be utilized for their then to be R/3 version, and how it should become a multidimensional ERP (multi company, multi-currency multi language, etc.), highly extensible and easy to configure. SAP decided to go down a different path by simply adding layers of functionality to their current product R/2.

Later, as a senior architect at Oracle Jorg Janke wrote the first prototype for the application with the vision of how to implement the new paradigm of management programs. In 2000 he received financing from the tire manufacturer Goodyear in Germany and writes the first version of his product.


2. Compiere

In 2000, Jorg founded a small company named Compiere Inc. to develop and provide support to his new product named also Compiere, an Italian word meaning "complete".

In a twist that became a milestone in the history of ERP solutions, Jorg decided to release his product under the licencing type: free GPL licensing mode, thus allowing it to be rapidly adopted around the world. Compiere Inc. business model then focused on supporting integrators named as "Compiere Partners" through first level support and value added services.

At that time it was possible to offer Compiere on any platform since it was developed in 100% Java and Oracle as the database.


3. ADempiere is Born


In 2006 triggered by its product success  Compiere, Inc. raises financing from a group of venture capitalists moving offices from Portrland Ore., to  Silicon Valley, and at the same time, it signed a new development roadmap which included the release of  new add-ons that no longer will be licensed under the previously free GPL, but rather their own Commercial License.

By makinthis decision alone will eventually convert Compiere into another commercial product like most available in the market, some of his partners asked Mr. Janke to reconsider his decision but it was actually out of his reach since he had already signed an agreement with this group of investors.


The Call


Friday August 11, 2006 "We are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants. We can see more, and beyond them, not because the sharpness of our sight but or the height of our body, but because we are raised by their height. "


In an email sent by Víctor Pérez quoting Bernardo de Chartres became the beginning of our ADempiere Community.


"My name is Victor Perez, I'm CEO of e-Evolution, The reason for this email and attachment is to share my dream with you and invite you to be part of it. My dream is to create an ERP, CRM, SCM solely owned by our community, a system that improves daily.
In my experience, I have been working with Compiere for 5 years. I have received many satisfactions, and I took advantage of the great work done by Jorg Janke creator of Compiere.
With the experience I acquired my personal dream to create a project that develops from Compiere, as a project with technology, where everyone can share their ideas, GPL, where problems of end users are heard, where I can integrate my work with the work of others, and should consider the needs of my clients, where my clients feel real support, in short something to improve.
That is why I dare to invite all interested in this proposal, with a great desire to work and support this dream together full story see detail."


Thus in September 2006, the group of integrators announced the decision to fork to a new product, totally free distributed under the GPL license, which ensures that it would never become a proprietary product and always remain free. The new product will be baptized with the name of ADempiere, an Italian word meaning "Achieve" and "Reach" which is defined by the tradition of other free software projects. The leadership and administration of ADempiere remained in the hands of the community and their representatives in the ADEV foundation in Germany.


Since 2006, ADempiere has become the leader of the free world ERP implementations reported in nearly 120 countries and implementers covering all geographical areas of the world while its continuous development has enriched the functionlity permanently .